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Crisp Apple Cider

  • A classic and crisp cider from George Hornsby.
  • Ice cold and served straight from the bottle - this is cider served the American way.
  • With a soft carbonation you enjoy a smoother experience with Hornsby's, straight from the bottle.
  • Launched in the UK, this is the perfect drink whatever the weather.
Hornsby's Crisp Apple Cider

Strawberry & Lime Cider

After conquering the classic and crisp apple scene, Cider aficionado George Hornsby turned his hand to the multi fruit circuit.

  • Mixing pear cider with strawberries and lime, this is the perfect mix of sweet and sour, taste bud popping flavours.
  • Served ice cold and without a pesky glass with ice, designed to shake up the UK cider scene.
  • It's the perfect late night tipple. Not too strong and not too weak - it's just right.
Hornsby's Crisp Pear Cider with Apple & Strawberry


The top hat clad British gent George Hornsby immigrated to the California many moons ago - in search of a new life and an inspiring adventure. After setting up shop in the United States, George loved everything American but missed the crisp taste of his favourite - British brewed ciders.

Never one to wallow, George decided to bring the best of Britain to America, whipping up batch after batch of crisp apple cider - much to the delight of his new American friends. Soon enough, everyone state side grew to love the quality and flavour of this quintessentially British cider.

Today, Hornsby’s is one of the leading ciders in the USA and is available in the UK now! Go on, grab a Hornsby’s and enjoy served cold, straight from the bottle. Hornsby’s, cider served the American way.


Why The Rhino

As you might have guessed from George Hornsby's move to America, the man had a passion for travel and new adventures the world over. Before George made America his home for life, one of those adventures was a trip to Africa where he encountered the Black Rhino.

Inspired by the creature's fearlessness and mesmerised by its strength, George decided - there and then - to associate his future inventions with the attributes of this most awesome animal.

Why the Rhino


After George finished his globetrotting and settled in America, the legacy of that Black Rhino encounter lived on. With the creation of Hornsby's Crisp Apple Cider came the logo, with a Rhino on it. Today you'll find that very same Rhino on the front of your bottle.




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